Week 13: Electronic Portfolios and Exam #2

With the final project underway, we are officially in the homestretch of the semester. In the next few weeks, you’ll be marshaling all of your web design and writing skills to create beautiful finished sites. This is my favorite part of the semester—I love watching everything come together!

Your memorandum of understanding for the final project is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. (Use the MOU template as a starting point and print out your completed MOU.) I will review your MOU and discuss it with you on Thursday after the exam.

In class on Tuesday, we will discuss different approaches to creating electronic portfolios. Before you come to class, please read the following articles:

After reading these articles, search for examples of excellent portfolio sites and link to at least two of them in the comments section of this post. We’ll analyze some of the best ones in class on Tuesday.

On Thursday, we will have our second (and last) exam of the semester. This exam will be shorter than the first exam, but we won’t be doing anything else in class, so you will be able to work at your own pace. The exam will be open-book and open-note, and you can take the exam on paper or on your computer. When you are done with your exam, I will meet with you briefly to approve your MOU for the final project.

Update: Based on your feedback, we will postpone the second exam until Tuesday. On Thursday, we will review for the exam, and we will briefly look at several different tools that might be useful for your final projects. Before you come to class, please review some of the links under the “Templates” section on the Resources page.

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13 Responses to Week 13: Electronic Portfolios and Exam #2

  1. rachel says:


    I love how simple and clean this one is – the scrolling is really neat, too.


    A little nutty, but kinda awesome. Not super professional but definitely hip…

  2. Maria says:

    I like these:

    It’s on one page, eye-catching, and simple.

    It’s stylish, gives the impression of simplicity, yet it’s still dynamic.

  3. CasAlexandra says:


    Definitely a less traditional sort of portfolio, with some really cool concepts that support the kind of work and projects he’s into.

  4. CasAlexandra says:


    My first was more conceptual, and this one is design oriented. Beautimous!

  5. Lisa Marie says:

    I hope this isn’t considered cheating, but I really enjoyed the guy who wrote the “My Last Portfolio Sucked, Yours Might Too” post, Kyle Meyer.


    From the header with the clickable links (Like Twitter & his resume), to the content as a whole – well placed screenshot images of whatever he was working on – the site is beautiful. Really, I wish I could design a site as simple but classy as this.


    This girl used my favorite color ever – pink! – in a really nice and colorful way. Her design comes across as striking to me because she’s from Paraguay, and from looking around, one can tell that she’s still working on her English. But that’s fine, because her design skills are amazing, and that’s what counts at the moment.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Clear, simple, super easy navigation

    This one is not as good because it has far too many words. But, the general layout was nice and easy to follow.

  7. Here’s the Google Doc that contains the notes I took during our class discussion today:


    I hope it’s helpful as you begin working on your own portfolio.

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