Week 10: Testing Tests, Conducting Tests

At this point in our usability testing unit, your team should have a rough draft of your usability testing protocol. Between now and Tuesday, continue to revise your protocol, and bring a final draft of the protocol to class that day. You will administer your protocol with one of your classmates as a pilot tester, then we’ll spend the rest of the class session working out the kinks in your tests. By the end of class on Tuesday, you should submit the final draft of your protocol so I can give you approval to begin conducting your tests with Real Live Humans (TM).

I will be at an academic conference on Thursday, so we will not meet as a class that day. However, your team should be conducting its usability tests throughout the remainder of the week. You should complete all of your tests no later than Monday, November 1, which will give your team ample time to compile your test results and write your report. When we meet again (on November 2), your team should come to class with all of the raw data from your tests. At that point, we will turn our attention to analyzing the data and making recommendations to your clients.

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