Week 3: Lists, Typography, Links, and Color

I hope that yesterday’s in-class discussion about online résumés gave you some inspiration for your individual résumés, and I hope that all of you are keeping pace with the tutorials in the textbook. If you’re falling behind, please take some time this weekend to catch up. If you’ve put in the time with the exercises in the book and you’re still feeling lost, please come see me during office hours or email me to set up an appointment.

On Tuesday, we will continue our discussion of CSS typography and experiment with three types of HTML lists. Please read Hour 5 and Hour 6 in the Sams book before you come to class. In addition, you should bring your fully coded HTML résumé and its accompanying style sheet to class. Hour 5 should have inspired to you add some lists to your HTML résumé, and while your CSS file doesn’t need to be finished, it should be linked to your HTML file and contain at least a few properties. We will spend roughly half of Tuesday’s class session in workshop mode, so you’ll have a chance to ask questions about any problems you’re having with your résumé.

On Thursday, we will spend most of the day in a peer critique workshop, providing feedback on one another’s online résumés. By this point, you should have a complete draft of your résumé, including customized typography and colors. Before our workshop, though, we will quickly review Hour 8 and Hour 9 in the Sams book, which cover links and colors, respectively. Please be sure to read those chapters before you come to class.

Finally, you may have noticed a new sidebar on the class website labeled “Delicious Links.” Right now, all the links are mine, but that will change starting next week. Sometime this weekend, register for a Delicious account and make note of your username and password. When we have a few spare minutes in class, I’ll show you how to add your own bookmarks to the class website.

If you have any questions about these plans, leave a comment on this post or drop me a line via email. Otherwise, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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2 Responses to Week 3: Lists, Typography, Links, and Color

  1. Lisa Marie says:

    Hey, Professor Warnick!

    I didn’t know if you wanted us to share our Delicious accounts with you here on the post as well, but if so, mine is: http://www.delicious.com/thatslisamarie .


  2. Ariel says:

    yeah, i was curious too. Here’s mine!

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